by Dr. Nita Bharti

The Team

The Team:

The Members of Bharti Lab


The Bharti Lab is…


Nita Bharti, PI

Dr. Nita Bharti’s work focuses on the interactions between biology and behavior and their interlinked impacts on human health to inform public health and disease intervention strategies.


Kelsee Baranowski, Graduate student

Kelsee Baranowski is a Ph.D candidate in the Biology department studying the ecology of infectious diseases. Her work centers around identifying the environmental drivers and mechanisms of Hendra virus spillover from Pteropus bats in Australia. She uses GIS and remotely sensed data to assess land cover change with the goal of understanding the spatiotemporal dynamics of critical over-winter nectar resources. Kelsee was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in 2019.


Alexandre Blake, graduate student

Alexandre Blake is a Graduate Student in Biology. He is a French MD, specialized in Public Health, and former medical epidemiologist at Epicentre/Doctors Without Borders. His research interests are focused on measles and cholera dynamics and their spatial heterogeneities, and population movements. Among his projects are analyses of measles dynamics in Niger and the impact of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti on population movement.


Teairah Taylor, Undergraduate Student, 2019 BBH

Teairah Taylor is a undergraduate in Biobehavioral Health and a Penn State McNair Scholar. In the Bharti lab, she works on land use change and deforestation in Australia to understand Hendra virus spillover. After she graduates in 2019, she’ll head to Cornell University with a prestigious McNair Fellowship to pursue her PhD in Health Communication where her work will focus on public health messaging to reduce health disparities.


Brian Lambert, Programmer